Insignia – 2016

Dimitar puts together another great collection of music. Insignia has lots of variety. Instrumental music with a dash of Bulgarian flare. Very Nice!

Recorded and mixed by Dimi

“GORA” 2014

“This is a must hear for every passionate hills wanderer along the very richest on stories and ancient history Bulgarian forests (and those who are curious to hear their sounds through a very talented majestic composer and guitar player)! Now the Bulgarian forest sings in rock texture.”

Recorded and mixed by Dimi

Sing to the Mountain – 2012

I had never heard of Dimitar before stumbling across his name/music on YouTube. I decided to buy this album and was rewarded greatly. If you enjoy instrumental guitar then this is a must have! At times he reminds of Steve Vai, but his songwriting is different (more European in sound). The songwriting is brilliant, with tons of melody and flair. I would recommend this to any fans of Vai, Satriani, etc. It is the best album I’ve heard, of it’s kind, in years.

Recorded and mixed by Dimi

Broken Clouds – 2011

What an amazing display of guitar playing technique. This 4th recording surpasses all the rest. Every tune is excellent. Sound quality for an independent artist who plays all the instruments is outstanding. If you like the shred genre, Dimitar is now at the top of the class. No one else even comes close. Tapping, pull-offs, sweep picking

Recorded and mixed by Dimi

There is Something Else – 2010

Incredible guitar playing … as always.
This new CD confirms that Dimitar Nalbantov find Himself in the Premier League when it comes to technical guitar playing, and composing music. The sound is also very good!

Recorded and mixed by Dimi

Mother Earth – 2008

“One of my favorite guitarist anywhere. His abilities are on par with those of Joe Satriani & Steve Vai, both in playing/tone and production. There are only a handful of albums that provide nothing but quality tracks… this is one of them. I also love that I could burn his tracks to CD with no hassles!

Recorded and mixed by Dimi

Universe – 2006

According to the information on his official website, Dimitar Nalbantov is from Eastern European. This is obviously my first time to check out Dimitar Nalbantov’s music. But his guitar-oriented instrumental music on his cd called ‘Universe‘ is quite fun to hear entirely. Stylistically, the music of some songs like “Purely And Simply” and “Hyper Sonic” has similar vibes of what Joe Satriani and Steve Vai are good at. After having listened to this cd carefully, the tunes like “Universe“, “The Wide“, and “Shade” have somewhat progressive feeling and nice fusion elements that I get into. Dimitar Nalbantov handles guitars, basses, keyboards, percussion, drums, and virtually everthing, except for drums handled by John Wooten on ‘Orpheus‘ and ‘Unknown Town‘ that also sound very interesting to my ears. The cd of Universe has friendly atmospheres to every instrumental music lover, and showcases technical and intricate guitar solos that appeal to rock guitar freaks. If you are looking for mind- bogglingly overwhelming instrumental music, then this might not be your favorite music. Nevertheless, Dimitar has carefully composed each track and put together cohesively to my ears. I think he is a quite talented guitarist who is able to balance between technical chops and friendly instrumentations on this cd. The sound production is also very nice and solid, even though this cd is produced within his own independent budgets. Every time I listen to this cd carefully, I find a joy and happy moment from this cd. In particular, the arrangements and instrumental prowess displayed on the progressive fusion “Universe” and very unique guitar/keyboards featured “Shade” are very nice and superb. I wish he keeps up a good work with enthusiasm for next album. Dimitar, you have done good job on this CD.

This is my debut album “Universe” released in 2006
In memory of my mother Ivanka. Died in 2007.
My greatest source of support. She was a violin player.

Drums: John Wooten
Rock: Progressive Rock, Instrumental Rock, Melodic Rock

Release Date: 2006

Purely And Simply
Hyper sonic
Not a Game
End of Summer
Elegance By Soul
Jack Frost
Unknown Town