Getting David Gilmours Guitar Tone – 5 tracks with Amplifikation Matchlock. Combinators for Reason and Reaper track chains.

Hi guys, here is something just finished!!!
David’s tones are a milestone for each guitar player!
It was a great experience, working on these 5 tracks.
Have a great start of the new week!

Amplifikation Matchlock RE will be available soon!!!


Amplifikation Matchlock Presets and Reaper track chains from the demo videos

Download the zip archive from here:

Amplifikation Matchlock is inspired by Fender* combo amps and thanks to the 3rd gen tube simulation engine guarantees a more dynamic natural sounding, realistic amp recording experience for guitarists.

Fender* amps are still hugely popular today as they’ve been for the last 60 years. With its thick, loud, and harmonically rich tone, Fender* amps are known to be the choice for clean sound. Not only for electric guitars, but also for instruments such as harmonicas and synthesizers. Numerous guitar players also calls these amplifiers as “pedal palette”: The perfect companion for tone building mastery via effect pedals. Guitarists who love to fiddle around with effect pedals will surely love these amps.