Kuassa Releases Amplifikation 360

Kuassa Releases Amplifikation 360 

A Complete Guitar Amp and Effects Playground for Guitarists 

Bandung, May 1st, 2020. Indonesia, For Immediate Release – Celebrating a great decade of Kuassa’s vision for a pallete of inspiring technology for Musicians, they are happily introducing Amplifikation 360. 

Amplifikation 360 is a virtual “playground” for stacking pedals, amps, and cabs to create the perfect sound for guitarists. Think of it as a tool to unify and heighten your already great experience with our products to another new level. 

Immediately combine every Kuassa product you own inside Amplifikation 360. Try routing Matchlock’s Amp with Caliburn’s Cabinet, add a series (and parallel routings) of Efektor pedals to get that spacey shoegazing wall of sound, bigger than live djent riffs, or even a trippy psychedelic leads. Amplifikation 360 is the answer for a fast patch design, thanks to its uniquely intuitive, single screen graphic interface. 

Amplifikation 360 are also among the very few of guitar amp sim which are really enjoyable to bring on a live performance. Create preset within minutes, plug any midi pedal controller and set the Midi channels quickly and use “Live” mode to quickly switch scenes smoothly without glitch/popping. 

Key Features 

● Virtual playground for sound design 

● Mix and match all Kuassa plug-ins you owned 

● Works both as a standalone app and as VST/VST3/AU/AAX Plugin 

● Build your tone within minutes 

● Assignable MIDI control 

● Live mode for seamless preset transition. 

● Customize your preferred visual in a single screen, editable interface. 

● Free! 


Amplifikation 360 is available both as a standalone application and plug-in for Windows and Mac. The plug-in version is compatible with DAWs supporting VST, VST, Audio Unit and ProTools’ AAX. Amplifikation 360 is a Free product with the individual modules inside are a separate purchase. 

More info about the product: https://www.kuassa.com/products/amplifikation-360/ 

Audio Demos: https://soundcloud.com/kuassa/sets/amplifikation-360 

Release Video:

Simple guitar mod for more tone

Simple guitar mod for more tone

The loss of high end when you roll down your guitar’s volume control is caused by the pickups interacting with the potentiometers, the capacitance build-up combined with the capacitance of your cables is forming a low pass filter. 

How to FIX that?

It’s a common problem that everybody faces at some point in our playing and then recording process. Losing the high end or simply wanting more tone varietes in our hands using just one instrument.

Why should we care about it? Why should something be fixed?

Well, this mod is used by many recording and touring artists and its is old as the electric guitar itself.

I’ve discovered this simple modification probably 15 years ago reading over the forums how to make my old Ibanez RG450 sounding more focused and not flabby on the low end while rolling my volume control at 50% or even more.

It’s a common “issue” on most of the standard stock guitars, picked up from the shelf.

The loss of high end when you roll down your guitar’s volume control is caused by the pickup interacting with the potentiometer changing the combined capacitance between them and your guitar cable.

Preserving the high frequencies when rolling down the volume knob on your guitar, is a great way to achieve clarity and tightness and even “emulating” some single-coil character from a humbucker pickup and works great with guitar amp simulators and VST guitar pedal plugins!

The solution 

Add a “Treble Bleed Mod” to your guitar and have more possibilities. 

Keep in mind some high-end guitars are stock equipped with it and here are some examples of different mods variations used in some brands and some mods made by famous guitar builders and luthiers for theirs instruments:

PRS – 180 pF cap 

G&L – 200 pF 

Bill Lawrence – 330 pF capacitor & 80 kΩ resistor

Ibanez Prestige – J Custom – 330 pF

DiMarzio – 560 pF capacitor & 300 kΩ resistor

John Suhr – 680 pF capacitor & 150kΩ resistor

Fender – 1.2 nF capacitor & 150 kΩ resistors in parallel, plus a 20 kΩ resistor in series

Seymour Duncan – 1 nF capacitor & 100 kΩ resistor

A few notes:

Note 1:

The capacitor values do not just adjust only the amount of treble that goes through the volume but also changes the spectrum of the frequencies that are passing through the full bandwidth. Everything depends on the value of the cap itself.

Note 2:

  • Adding a resistor in parallel with the capacitor will give you a more natural and even level of the volume potentiometer taper curve and this leads to smooth transition without big jumps from 0 to 10.
  • The capacitor with a resistor in parallel also brings another behavior when turning down the volume potentiometer, the higher frequencies will not dominate on overall tone balance. 
  • The tone is more bright and shrill when using only a capacitor, but in my experience, it’s a personal choice.

I suggest trying the well-established examples up above.

Some example values:
For a 250K pot: 100K resistor. For a 500K pot:  250k resistor. 

Note 3:

  • The treble bleed mod doesn’t affect your guitar tone when the volume pot is on a full 10 position as the capacitor is short-circuited.
  • You can do it!

The hard part :

Having some simple soldering skills

This simple modification requires soldering a single capacitor, or a capacitor and a resistor, between pickup hot – the lug wired to the switch and the lug wired to the output jack

To consider the value of the cap I strongly suggest experimenting and trying different values, before deciding the final value for your instrument and your personal taste.

It’s up to you to find the sweetest spot for your pickups.

Just solder the single Cap or the combined capacitor and resistor shown on the diagram here:

And here is my personal guitar mod:

I’ve experimented a lot on my Ibanez with the stock pickups and due to the different behavior I couldn’t settle down just with one Capacitor, so I decided to add a simple 3 way dpdt switch and settled down to 470pF and 330pF

The middle position is unaffected – the original NO modded potentiometer.

Position 1: 471 pF
Position 3: 330 pF

People are talking about some bad sides of this mod making the guitar too shrill and unpleasant.

But in my personal taste it really helps getting a really  tight and crunchy rhythm tone from my Ibanez. Also in split mode of the humbuckers it gives me that Strat Glassy Tone.

Oh and the Guitar amp simulators are accepting this like no brainer! The interaction between the guitar and as an example Kuassa Caliburn and Matchlock is unbelievably good.

As a final word. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your instrument. Explore it and give yourself more freedom with the instrument, this simple modification works wonders with amp simulators.

As they react and behave like real amplifiers. Using Matchlock when volume is rolled down with the combination of the Treble `bleed mod and humbuckers: sweet and shimmery tone!

Almost Fenderish sounding!

Do it now! Solder a simple 330p on volume lugs and try with Matchlock Master on max.

Lower the volume at 50% and be amazed!


November Tab Contest: Submit Tabs and Win Awesome Prizes!

3 nominations for everyone

A great chance to win guitar plugins, official tabs, and other prizes.


There are three nominations that you can participate in:

  • “Chords” nomination is for Chord and Ukulele tabs only
  • “Tabs” nomination is for Tabs and Bass tabs only
  • “Pro” nomination is for Guitar Pro tabs and Power tabs only

The results for each nomination will be counted individually. You may participate and win in any of the three nominations, or in all of them at once. The prizes are also different!


Efektor DL3606 Delay Track chains and Combinators from Demo Videos

The presets – track chains for Reaper, Cakewalk and Reason DAW used in the videos:

Download the zip file from here:

nalbantov.com/files/Kuassa Delay 3606 Track chains for Reason Reaper and Cakewalk Collection from 6 Demo Videos.zip

The presets – track chains for Reaper, Cakewalk and Reason DAW used in the audio

nalbantov.com/files/Delay Audio Demos Reason and Reaper FX Chains.zip 

Kuassa Efektor DL3606 Delay provides 5 types of delay pedal effects software at your disposal:

  1. Digital: Clean and clear, with wide frequency range.
  2. Analog: Dark and mushy, inspired by the bucket brigade delay pedals
  3. Lo-Fi: Grainy and dirty, lower bit-rate with reduced frequency range
  4. Tape: Simulated the warm and lush sound of vintage tape units
  5. Reverse: Repeats the signal backwards for ethereal and ambient effect

Key Features:

• 5 popular delay types

• Modulation section with individual Rate and Depth controls

• Separate Wet and Dry controls

• BPM sync

Kuassa 8 Famous Guitar Tones for Reason – Cakewalk and Reaper – Track Chains Combinators

Hi guys, just finished something really special for every guitar player that is looking for the best guitar tone! it’s a collection of 8 famous bands guitar tones. It includes track chains for Reaper DAW, Cakewalk by Bandlab and Reason DAW!

Download the archive from here:

nalbantov.com/files/Kuassa 8 Famous Guitar Tones Refill 2019.zip


Guitar Reason Combinators – Classic Rock Guitar Tones Covers Collection 2 – Reaper Track Templates

Happy to announce my latest work! I just finished my journey in recreating 26 famous guitar tones… I really enjoyed it ! ❤

◄ Kuassa Classic Tones Collection Ⅱ – Caliburn Edition►

❀ Reason Combinators and Reaper Track Chains. Will be available for download tomorrow!

✷ 26 Songs

► REASON Folder ★ 26 Reason Songs Project Files for easy loading – Mixed with Stock Reason Plugins ★ 151 Presets ★ 84 Reason Combinators

► REAPER Folder: ★ 26 Reaper Project Templates for easy loading – Mixed with Stock Reaper Plugins ★ 83 Presets ★ 78 Reaper Track Chains ★ 22 EZ Drummer 2 Session Templates ★ XLN Addictive Drums 1 Preset



► Guitars used: ✷ Gibson Copy ✷ Fender Stratocaster 1984 Japan ✷ Ibanez RG 320 ✷ Elixir Strings ► Audio Interface: ✷ TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 ► DAW: ★ Reason 9 ★ Reaper 5 ► Drums: ★ EZ Drummer 2



❀ Reason:


Download link for Refill packer – File
Kuassa Classic Tones Collection 2 – Caliburn Edition – ReFill – 650 MB

❀ Reaper:

Reaper Track Chains – Song Templates 35 MB


Kuassa Classic Tones Collection Refill

Download at Kuassa’s Download page >> http://kuassa.com/downloads

(scroll to the Utilities & Presets section at the bottom of the page)
We hope you guys enjoy the Refill as much as we are.

Classic Tones Collection Refill

*Disclaimer: any similarities or resemblance with a specific artist or composer are not meant to violate their original composer or intellectual property. Thus, are the property of their respective owners.

27 Songs
122 Patches
78 Combinators

Nothing fancy with the gear :puf_smile:

1. Ibanez rg 320 fm pickguard installed- Korean made with Stock pickups – humbuckers – 9-42 Elixir strings E tuning – Push pull tone control for coil split.

Body material:
Basswood w/ flamed maple top

Infinity pickups:
Bridge – INF4
Neck – INF3

2. Ibanez RG320 – Indonesian made, again with stock pickups – 11-52 strings – Drop D

Body material:
Basswood w/ flamed maple top

Infinity pickups:
Bridge – INF4
Neck – INF3

3. Unknown brand Gibson Copy with no name pickups – 11-52 strings – different tunings.
Body material:
Laminated wood.

Ibanez RG 320 fm with the pick-guard is used for most of the shred and lead work.
It has nice bright tone when the stock pickups are in coil split position.
The guitar has volume high pass capacitors installed by me. It is 330pf WIMA Film Capacitor.

When the volume control is around at the middle of its position it gives the guitar that bright “strat” like tone.

All guitars are equipped with Elixir strings. The tone is a little different from the standard non coated strings with a little more pronounced mid range.
They last forever.

Combinators code letters:

External Sound Card Audio interface:
TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 – FireWire 1394